A Fresh Start…

…isn’t that what a New Year feels like? Welcome to 2015! My last post was back in June…what can I say? 2014 was a busy year!

calendar roll

Heeelllloooo New Year!!

January always feels like a new beginning. At the stroke of midnight, the New Year seems to spark motivation in everyone. A time to make resolutions to start or stop doing whatever it is that you are or aren’t doing now. Why we need a reset every year is a mystery that I have not yet figured out.

So what vice(s) are you giving up this year? Mine are bacon cheeseburgers and Guiness. Just kidding…I would never give either of those things up. For real. Life’s too short to order a salad. I’ve accepted the fact that I love beer and I love food, and I’m never gonna be a fitness model. And I’m totally okay with that. I just have to do better on the non-beer and cheeseburger days so that I don’t end up on some reality TV show.

Sweet, sweet nectar...

Sweet, sweet nectar…

When I started this blog it was about trying as many of my Pinterest recipe pins as I could. While Pinterest is still my main source of recipe inspiration, my focus has shifted to more monthly meal planning and finding recipes that can be prepped ahead and frozen. The monthly meal plan allows me to do a big (see: expensive) shop once a month and then I just have to pick up fresh produce after week 2. I spend one weekend a month shopping, chopping and cooking to fill my fridge and freezer so that most dinners are as simple as reheat and eat.

Prep Game, Master Level.

Prep Game, Master Level

Life is busy. I work all day, see a trainer two nights a week, play soccer in the winter and ball in the summer, and am generally a fairly lazy person the rest of the time. I love my PVR, so sue me. Who wants to spend hours making dinner every night after working all day? Certainly not me. As I said, lazy.

This blogging thing is new to me. I like the writing part, the rest is a little fuzzy. My “vision” would be to share monthly meal plans, updates on how the recipes turned out, shopping lists, etc. What do you think? I’ve said that if I won the lottery, I would start a business building meal plans and doing the shopping and prep for folks that are too busy to do it themselves. Seriously, I live for this shit. But is that something you’d want to read about?

Bear with me, change is coming. Don’t forget to check me out on Pinterest…if nothing else, I have lots of yummy (and some not so yummy) recipe links to share.



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One thought on “A Fresh Start…

  1. Love the new and refreshed blog entry friend!!! Giving me some much needed inspiration to blog again as well. I would love to see you blog more. My me day tomorrow is dedicated to you as you taught me to prep food at it’s best xo

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