Distracted Cooking

So, lets talk about Kitchen Safety.  Boooring!  Next post Red.  But wait!  There are excellent (read: poor quality & not attractive) pictures to come if you stick with it for one (maybe 2) paragraphs.  Warning: the pictures in this post may be graphic in nature.

So, you know when you are watching Top Chef, Hells Kitchen, etc. and some chef is in a total panic and cuts or burns or damages him/her-self and you’re like “Idiot!” (that’s right, I yell at my TV).  Well, I totally had an Idiot! moment this weekend and burned the crap out of my hand.

The only picture I got – blame the searing pain & tears. Photo op = not a priority.

I had decided to make Chicken Pot Pie w/Phyllo Dough for dinner…

Totally Worth It.

Totally Worth It.

…which was amaaaazing, BTW.  But I don’t have a pie plate and my ceramic ramekins (ceramekins? haha) were dirty.  So I decided to just make the gravy & chicken mixture (w/carrots, celery, parsnips, peas & corn…as I said, yum) in my big oven safe frying pan, and then I put the phyllo on top and baked the whole thing in the oven in the pan.  Yay me for being innovative, right?  It was all coming together swimmingly, the timer went off and I pulled that sucker out of the oven…happy, happy, happy.  Well, this pie needed a photo op…obviously…so I dropped the oven mitts, grabbed my phone and kicked it into camera mode.  But wait!  The pie isn’t centered in the picture (OCD much?), let me just grab the handle of this pan with my bare hand (!) and turn it.  Well F.  That mother was H-O-T.  So I run to the sink, crank the cold water and sit there with my hand under the tap realizing that I have seriously hurt myself.  I tried to be tough, I actually didn’t burst into tears for at least 3 minutes.  And then the meltdown began.  F!  It hurt!  Bad.  And then!  To make it even better, my parents (who are travelling and I haven’t talked to in like a week) are calling on FaceTime!  So I quickly sucked it up and answered, with hand still in a sink of cold water, and explained briefly what had happened.  Their response?  “Oh Red, again??”  Again!?  Seriously?  Yes again, sort of.

The last time was July…I was putting away dishes and I dropped a bowl.  But instead of just letting it drop I tried to catch it so when it smashed on the counter, a piece bounced up (or something, I’m not really sure) and cut my hand…

Taking pictures at the hospital is totally okay.

Taking pictures at the hospital is totally okay.

Close Up!

Close Up!

Resulting in this…

The Damage

Stitches!  (a few days later)

…my first stitches (technically my second, but I was like 2 the first time and don’t remember).  And this, on my catching hand, 2 days before a long weekend ball tournament.  Awesome.  (Did I still play?  Obviously.)  To make it worse I got this really grumpy (not at all delicate or gentle) Doctor, and he didn’t even make sure things were frozen before he started to sew me back up.  *Tear*

So, back to the burn.  After sleeping with my hand in cold water for the whole night and waking up with blisters all over my hand, I ended up staying home and missing work.


What’s that?  You need another close up?  Here you go…

Wrinkly Ouch!

Wrinkly Ouch!

Nice right?  Bath tub wrinkly fingers times like a thousand.

I’ve had multiple kitchen accidents, but I always cut my left hand (knife is held in my right) and I always burn my right hand (dominant hand does the work).  While sitting on the couch feeling sorry for myself, I realized something.  This accident was totally a case of distracted cooking!  In these here parts there are laws against distracted driving.  Driving while doing things such as texting, making phone calls and even eating will result in a hefty fine.  Well, distracted cooking resulted in my missing work, not sleeping much and having to explain to friends, coworkers etc. exactly what a fool I am.  I’m lucky it was just a burned (or cut) hand and not a grease fire, or a missing finger or something.  Put down the phone in the kitchen friends!  It’s probably the most dangerous room in the house and not a place to mess around.

Lets not forget about the food though!  The Chicken Pot Pie w/Phyllo Dough was SO delicious, and I will totally make it again, sans burns.  It’s serious comfort food, but the phyllo makes it lighter and a little bit guilt free.  You MUST make it too!  Get the recipe here at The Lemon Bowl … yum, yum, yum!

Any ideas on how I can prevent these accidents that will still allow me to take iPhone pictures of my food!?  I’ve heard of cut proof gloves…but it seems cumbersome to chop veggies while wearing gloves, no?  Maybe there’s like a silicone thing I can stick on the handle of the pan when it goes in the oven?  Or maybe I can con my man into being my own personal blog photographer so I can focus on the food 🙂

Chow for Now!



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