April 1 Reset

Hi Friends!  It’s been a while…my friend Courtney reminded me on Friday that I owe everyone a new post. So please forgive me, it’s been 2 weeks since my last food-fession. When we last spoke I was in the middle of the Wild Rose cleanse. Lets just say Epic Fail and move on. Life has been stressful the last month or so and when I stress, I eat. So we are looking at April 1st as a new day…no joke!

What else has been going on? I had a Tupperware party a few weeks ago and ended up receiving a ton of host credit, almost $600 to be exact.

Tupperware Heaven

Tupperware Heaven

So this weekend I’ve been organizing my kitchen with fridge containers, freezer containers, pantry containers, the list goes on and on. The yellow containers in the pic below are FridgeSmarts, they are supposed to increase the life of your produce by regulating the amount of CO2 and O2 that it is exposed to. From what I’ve heard, these containers are awesome so I will keep you posted. Tupperware makes me happy…and to top things off the Man bought me a label maker. Now that is love. If you are in need of some organization in the kitchen, let me know…I’m now an official Tupperware consultant and can hook you up.

The "After" Shot

The “After” Shot

March has also been party month…we had St.Paddy’s Day, a 1st birthday party for my cousin’s daughter, birthday dinner for one of my best girlfriends, a Rock of Ages surprise party for my BFF and a buy-out for a girlfriend from work. Needless to say, my liver needs a break.

But that’s not what we’re here to talk about. Here’s this week’s menu…

Sunday – Easter Dinner with the Man’s family

Monday – Portobello Mushroom Spaghetti … I am going to try adding spinach for some extra greens

Tuesday – Baked Salmon w/Lemon & Dill (yes, again…it’s delish), Best Roasted Broccoli and Corn on the Cob

Wednesday – Cold Shrimp & Spinach Salad

Thursday – Healthy Buffalo Chicken Tenders, Sweet Potato Fries w/Chipotle Ranch Dressing & Salad

Wish me luck…hopefully life will settle down as we coast into spring and the food thing will become easier.

Happy Easter & have a great week!!

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