Wild Rose Party

Not that party! It’s a Wild Rose Cleanse party. I am prepping up a storm today getting ready to start the Wild Rose Cleanse on Wednesday. Not that I was going to leave the house today anyway…this is the view from my kitchen window. It was 12 degrees on Friday…

Welcome to Calgary

Welcome to Calgary

For anyone who has not tried the cleanse, it is basically a combination of a super clean diet and a pill regimen designed to clean out your system. We all know what I mean by “clean out your system”…this will be worse for some than others. I tend not to eat a whole lot of crap anyway, so it doesn’t effect me too harshly but I do know people who have said that the cleanse makes their bodies angry. Like, real angry. So there is your warning…you will poop. A lot. But that is the point…

*Disclaimer – I am in no way, shape or form trained in anything related to medicine or nutrition and in no way qualified to tell you what to eat. I just know how the cleanse makes me feel and what the pamphlet says it does for you.*

This is not a cleanse where you starve yourself and drink crazy things like lemon juice and cayenne pepper. You can still eat meat, fish, healthy grains like brown rice, quinoa, oatmeal, barley etc., domestic fruit and pretty much any vegetable you want. You can not eat dairy (causes excess mucous production), flour (forms a glue-like paste in your intestines), peanuts (they contain naturally occurring yeasts and molds), tropical fruit (too much sugar) or any fermented foods (because you are trying to eliminate yeast). Oh and NO BOOZE. Boom. This will be by far the hardest part for me. That is sad. Hello, my name is Stephanie and I may or may not be a borderline alcoholic.

Fridge Full of Healthy Deliciousness

Fridge Full of Healthy Deliciousness

Aaanyway…for more information on the cleanse, visit their website. Here is our 12 day cleanse meal-plan, which will start on Wednesday March 6th so that we finish the day before our weight loss challenge weigh-in. Many of the recipes will need to be altered to follow the cleanse rules, but they are a good roadmap.

Breakfast will likely consist of oatmeal & berries and for lunches it will be a whole lot of veggies & hummus, tuna or salmon salad, hard boiled eggs, leftovers and salads. You are also supposed to limit your coffee intake and drink it black, so I will be switching to green tea for the next 2 weeks because black tea is fermented (and therefore not allowed) and black coffee is gross. Period.

What’s on your menu this week? Is anybody else cleansing? Check me out on Pinterest for these recipes and more.

Wish me luck!!

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