A Modest Improvement

For those that don’t remember (apparently I did not remember), the goal this past week was to get back on track with healthier eating. I would be lying if I said it was a 100% improvement, but it was better-ish. Baby steps. Last week’s meal plan looked like this:

What we actually ate looked more like this:

  • Sunday – late lunch at Fergus & Bix (chicken wings & a Montreal smoked meat sammie to share) and a bowl of cereal and berries before my soccer game. Fail.
  • Monday –  Vietnamese BBQ Shrimp Vermicelli – this was SO good and relatively easy to put together. I used a mandolin to cut up the veggies quickly and all uniform-like


  • Tuesday – after an extremely long, draining day at work it was dinner at Fergus & Bix (yes, again)…this time a burger for me and pork ribs for him, the meal was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.
  • Wednesday – Turkey Chili Stuffed Sweet Potatoes – I had leftover turkey chili in the freezer, so we baked a couple of sweet potatoes and stuffed them with chili. Top with greek yogurt (instead of sour cream), cheese, cilantro, salsa, etc and enjoy. Delicious!
Easy Peasy

Easy Peasy

  • Thursday – was a marathon shopping trip to Costco to prep for the Wild Rose Cleanse next week (more on that to come) and dinner out (again), this time at Brewsters. Fish and chips for him and meatloaf with mac & cheese for me.
  • Friday – Pan Seared Scallops & Spinach Salad – I didn’t make the sauce, but the scallops were awesome. This was my first attempt at making scallops at home and I will definitely try these again.

Needless to say, the eating out killed us this week. But with just 16 days left in our weightloss challenge at work, we are kicking it into high gear with the Wild Rose Cleanse starting Wednesday. I have meals planned for the full 12 days of cleansing plus a couple extra to get us through to the weigh-in on the 18th. Will post our meal plan shortly…has anyone else tried the cleanse? This is my third or fourth time and I always lose at least 5 pounds, so fingers crossed that I get the same result this time around.

Happy Saturday!!


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