The First of Many…I Hope

Pinterest. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

Pinterest. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

It has been suggested that I should start a blog about my cooking adventures. I am not at all trained and not at all Martha Stewart, I just like food.  I have recently become obsessed with Pinterest (I know I’m not the only one) and decided that instead of just pinning, I should cook.

First, this is in no way promoted, sponsored or paid for by Pinterest or anyone else. I am just hooked on Pinterest and like to cook. Second, I can not take credit for the idea of “stop pinning and start doing”. I saw it on a blog. Sherry (from Young House Love) and her friend Katie (from Bower Power) – ya, we’re on a first name basis – decided to host their own Pinterest challenge, but with DIY stuff and crafts.  I am not crafty but I do like to cook.

*Side Note: do you read Young House Love? Sherry and John are awesome. They are DIY masters. Bower Power rocks too, but I don’t get to read it as much because the pictures don’t show up at work and I do most of my reading at work (ha). Just for like 10 minutes, while I put on my shoes and eat my breakfast…swear. YHL and MODG blog (also, amazing) are the 2 that I read religiously. I went back and read MODG from the beginning, she is hilarious.

Back to The Point. Every week I will pin our planned meals on my “What’s For Dinner” Pinterest board and throughout the week I will try to let you know how each meal went. I don’t know anything about dieting or nutrition, I am just trying to eat “healthier” which to me means more fruits and veggies, less crap and hopefully some really yummy food. This is 100% my first attempt at a blog, so there will be hiccups. Please bear with me and hopefully it turns out to be as easy as the internet tells me it is.

Hop on over to to get started. Or download the App. Go. You won’t regret it. Please follow me on Pinterest and we’ll start turning those pins into something delicious.

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